Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Mamma Mia! That's a Big Birdcage

Every so often in my trolling for Tiny's, I come across an unbelievable piece that's just gob-stoppingly awesome.  Case in point:  This vintage birdcage that I acquired from the Strange Bird Lady of the Jersey Shore.  Bird Lady recently moved to smaller digs, requiring that she let go of this GINORMOUS castle that housed her finches.

People, this birdcage is nicer than my house.  Its gates and spires are straight out of a fairy tale.  And to give you a sense of its size, here it is next to my 4 foot, 8 inch son:


Not sure of its age, but it's at least mid-century and made of what appears to be mahogany and wire.  A nice under-drawer pulls out for cleaning if you're inclined to use it for your birds.  Personally, I'd love to keep it just to look at and daydream . . .  but my husband put the kibosh on that idea.

So, the birdcage is now fully cleaned and waiting at Tiny's for you.  Stop by, just so I can see your jaw drop!