Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tiny's Lambertville: Sacre Bleu! A teal blue vintage buffet!

Because winter puts me in a blue kind of a mood . . .  and because my friend Aspacia hooked me up with some lover-ly teal blue paint . . . I decided to finally haul myself out of my funk and paint/distress this adorable vintage sideboard/buffet.

Even in this dull winter light, she is pretty, no?  Piggy likes it, too.  He stays with us, though.  Tiny couldn't bear to sell Piggy.

I especially love the scrollwork detailing on the drawer:

Coming to the shop this week!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Tiny's Lambertville Is Cukoo for Couroc

I like to mix it up in the shop with a few mid-century modern items.  And there's no better Eames fix than a selection of Couroc serving bowls and platters.

Couroc of Monterey was a California company that produced a variety of servingware items out of their proprietary black resin -- like plastic, but rock-hard and virtually unbreakable (although prone to scratching).  The true artistry comes in the design:  Couroc craftspersons inlaid the pieces with brass, wood, shell, and other natural materials to create whimsmical animals, cityscapes and the like.

My favorites, and probably the most recognizable Couroc pieces, are the owls:

Nothing says 50s/60s retro like a wide-eyed hoot owl!

Couroc closed its doors in the early 1990s, so start collecting now while items are reasonably priced!  Stop by Tiny's for a fun selection.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tiny's Snowfolk. BRING it, Lambertville!

Oh, it is ON.  Tiny just picked up her snowman cut-out for the Lambertville Winter Festival snowfolk contest.  Watch for my handiwork . . . coming soon to a Lambertville storefront.

Photo Credit: Sarah Zatuchni

Prepare for shock and awe, people.

Tiny's Lambertville: Santos Cage Dolls

You all know I love folk art.  So how can I not love this fabuloso repro Santos cage doll?

I'm not sure who carved her, but methinks it was someone in the Phillipines.  She has glass eyes, a platform adorned with cherubs, and a charmingly winsome expression.

From what I've read, Santos dolls are European in origin.  They were initially used in home worship, religious festivals and creches.  The colonial Spanish brought them to the New World as part of their efforts to convert Native Americans to Christianity.

Originals are gob-smackingly expensive, and even repros aren't especially common.  That's why Tiny's is so excited to offer Santos-girl to you! She'd be great for hanging your necklaces, or just watching over your mantle.

Friday, January 7, 2011

My Favorite Lambertville Shop Sign

. . . on Union Street.  I should get me one of these.

Latest Antiques and Vintage Finds From Tiny's Lambertville!

Happy New Year! Tiny is still recovering from post-traumatic-holiday-stress, largely due to her California and Illinois relatives missing their flights due to the snowstorm.  But nothing beats stress more than a little retail therapy . . . are you ready to shop?

Well, ARE YOU?

'Cuz Tiny has some fresh, funky additions to the mousehole.  Such as this antique tin toleware box:

I acquired this lil'cutie from an avid antiques collector.  An expert in the field tells me it dates from the first half of the 1800s, and is possibly European in origin.  Would look great displayed with your early primitives. 

Speaking of primitives, I've also added an excellent antique stoneware crock, and a beautiful arts-and-crafts vase from the renowned Door Pottery (see green vase at end of row).

My grandpappy always did love Johnny Cash, the Man in Black.  You want one for yourself? Check out Tiny's folksy carved man-in-top-hat. It's a new piece from the Phillipines, but charming as all get-out.

For you collectors of antique cast iron/antique banks, this little piggy is AWESOME.  Seriously, who doesn't love a pig in a suit?  I hate to let this one go . . .

You'll also see some new frakturs from modern Early American Folk Artists like Lion and Lamb Studios.  I love how she grain-paints her frames.

Don't let the cold weather keep you away! Stop on by!