Monday, January 24, 2011

Tiny's Lambertville Is Cukoo for Couroc

I like to mix it up in the shop with a few mid-century modern items.  And there's no better Eames fix than a selection of Couroc serving bowls and platters.

Couroc of Monterey was a California company that produced a variety of servingware items out of their proprietary black resin -- like plastic, but rock-hard and virtually unbreakable (although prone to scratching).  The true artistry comes in the design:  Couroc craftspersons inlaid the pieces with brass, wood, shell, and other natural materials to create whimsmical animals, cityscapes and the like.

My favorites, and probably the most recognizable Couroc pieces, are the owls:

Nothing says 50s/60s retro like a wide-eyed hoot owl!

Couroc closed its doors in the early 1990s, so start collecting now while items are reasonably priced!  Stop by Tiny's for a fun selection.

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