Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tiny's Lambertville: Santos Cage Dolls

You all know I love folk art.  So how can I not love this fabuloso repro Santos cage doll?

I'm not sure who carved her, but methinks it was someone in the Phillipines.  She has glass eyes, a platform adorned with cherubs, and a charmingly winsome expression.

From what I've read, Santos dolls are European in origin.  They were initially used in home worship, religious festivals and creches.  The colonial Spanish brought them to the New World as part of their efforts to convert Native Americans to Christianity.

Originals are gob-smackingly expensive, and even repros aren't especially common.  That's why Tiny's is so excited to offer Santos-girl to you! She'd be great for hanging your necklaces, or just watching over your mantle.

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