Friday, April 29, 2011

Tiny's Lambertville SHADALICIOUS SALE!

APRIL 30 (SAT) and MAY 1 (SUN), 11-5 at Tiny's! Get your beach house on and pick up some great finds for your cottage by the sea!  287 South Main Street Lambertville, behind the Fencing Academy.  Lost? Call me at 609 651 7165 for directions.

Most all furniture, decor and art will be on sale, but here's a preview of my latest inventory.  Tiny's been feeling a bit BLUE lately:

How's about a distressed antique wicker table painted robin's egg blue ($120)? Or an antique pine spool washstand painted the palest sky ($90)? No?  Then there's always this 20's mahogany server, distressed and painted French Blue ($150).

Now that the weather's nice, we have a pair of vintage patio chairs: $35 each, or 60 for both.

And since the famous green bench sold, I couldn't help myself -- I went out and found another ($150):

I didn't post photos of the HUGE deco pie crust mirror on sale (58x40, priced at $250), or the BIG wrought iron and glass table from the 1890s-early 20th century ($250 as well - could be used as a patio dining table).  They must be seen to be believed!

Hope to see you this weekend!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Tiny's Lambertville: 40's Enamel Top Table

Tiny's loves the look of retro kitchens, so she's pleased to offer this 30's/40's enamel top table! Perfect for your mudroom, sunroom, or vintage kitchen.  Actually, perfect just about anywhere!

Painted a nice satin black, with a knob from Anthropologie to replace its missing original.  Personally, I think the knob gives it a little "oomph".

Best of all, this gem is priced at 150 -- nice and reasonable, considering it's almost impossible to find these babies with the enamel tops intact.

And people, the enamel top on this table is GREAT.  Minimal scuffing, and just one tiny spot of rust that's been dabbed over with white paint.  Not bad for 60-plus years.

UPDATE: Going to the Shad Festival? Then drop by Tiny's SHADALICIOUS SALE! APR 30 and MAY 1, 11-5.