Friday, February 4, 2011

Tiny's Lambertville: Character Culture & Citizenship Guide Prints

Tiny is so done with Winter.  This February feels like the demon spawn of a drunken one-night-stand between Mother Nature and Old Man Winter.  What with all the sickness, and snow days, and ice, and COLD, Tiny has seldom made it to the shop -- and her customers have made it even more seldom!  But Spring -- Tiny hopes, Tiny prays -- is coming in a mere month or so.  Time to stock the shop with some more great finds!

Ladies and gents, I give you two beautifully framed posters from the Nichols Character, Culture, and Citizenship Guides.  The Guides were classroom posters used in the twenties/thirties to promote good hygiene, moral fortitude, and red-blooded Americanism.  They are a pure hoot.  Plus, their deco-ish graphics are just delightful.

A vintage poster dealer told me it's a challenge to find these in good shape, since they were often used year-after-year, rotating from month-to-month in a special frame on the classroom wall.  Bends and tears are common.  These two posters, though, are pristine, aside from some slight browning.  Whoever framed them had the good sense to use a nice off-white matt board.

The pair makes such a fantastic set, since they both address hygiene.  I plan on hanging them in my dream bathroom.  You know, the one with white subway tile walls, black-and-white deco mosaic tile on the floor, a clean white pedestal sink, and nickel fixtures.  The bathroom in the historic home I own.

Wait.  I don't have an historic home.  Or a dream bathroom.

Then I guess I'll have to sell them to you.  Very reasonably priced at 100 each.  Collectors of this series know that this is a great deal, as unframed Guides sell upwards of this at vintage poster shops.  If you don't snap these up, there's no hope for ya'll. 

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