Thursday, June 23, 2011

Out With the Old, In With the New!

Well, it appears you all are fixing up your beach houses for the season!  That's what I glean, anyhow, from the recent set of pieces that all went to the Jersey Shore.  See ya, white cottage dresser!

Ba-bye, little blue sideboard!

Have fun at the beach, pine bench!

And now, let's welcome the new crew.  This pretty antique oak dresser was lovingly cared for by its former owner.  It was professionally "ebonized" -- coated with layers of rubbed-in paint, then polyurethaned for protection -- and the finish is like new.  Best of all, the mirror is in top-notch shape and the drawers don't just open, they gliiiiiiiide open with no catching or sticking.

Also introducing . . . the cutest shabby chic desk EVAH!  Painted and distressed with love for you.  I love all the carved details, as well as the original brass drawer pulls.

And who doesn't love a sweet iron bench sitting in their flower patch?  After doing my research, I'm pretty sure this is a repro . . . but who cares?  It's too adorable to pass up!

Summer's just beginning . . . stop by Tiny's! Your beach house will thank you.

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