Monday, September 12, 2011

Post-Hurricane Deals

Tiny here . . . yeah, it's been awhile.  Let's just say I've been inundated lately, as has everyone within a 30-mile radius of the Delaware River.

Damn that Irene.  They should have named her Imelda.

But on to the good news:  the shop stayed dry, if humid.  And Tiny's has a new slew of furniture for the fall season!

First, an adorable 1920's dresser, painted cottage white . . .

Next, a 20's/30's sideboard, dressed up in aqua blue . . .

And finally, an immense, gob-smackingly gorgeous Jacobean cabinet (I'm thinking 30's).

Come on in and be gob-smacked in person!

P.S.:Thank you summer customers!  The furniture has sold at a nice clip, despite the Recession-That-Never-Ends-But-Is-Supposedly-Supposed-To-Be-Over.

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