Monday, February 18, 2013

Tiny's Store Liquidation!

Well, it's been a fun run (and I even managed to make a little bit of spending money).  Circumstances have made it necessary for me to work for the family law firm, meaning I just don't have the time to hunt down deals or sit at the shop.  But on the bright side, my law degree has not gone to waste and I can still write winning summary judgment briefs (woo-hoo)!  And Tiny's has been a fantastic experience.  I met other Lambertville dealers and learned a lot about antiques, pricing, haggling with customers, and how to survive in a brutal retail economy.  Hopefully this is information I can take forward with me should I ever try this again.

As of this post, Tiny's has 2 weeks left in my TINY room on the second floor of Broadmoor Antiques in Lambertville.  Luckily (for me), there's not much inventory left! The majority remaining is original art, which I've priced as close to cost as possible in an effort to clear out.  So if anyone's interested in any of these pieces, here's your chance.

Here's a peek at what's left:

Anyone for an antique folding school bench for 20? Currently in storage.

This antique parlor table is so cute; it has recently been refinished and has brass embellishments and beadwork all around.  Currently priced at 100, but if there are no takers I'll go down.  You can see it in the front window of Broadmoor antiques.

An antique wheelbarrow from a Lancaster barn would be perfect filled with potted plants on a covered porch (currently at 100) . . .

. . . and this 19th century cast iron English Pub table has a new marble top.  I will take 300.  Similar tables sell in antique stores for 600-1200.  Great for a sunroom or conservatory.

If you prefer a cast iron pub table REPRO, this one's in very good condition with a concrete top (currently in storage).  Will take 50!

I have quite a bit of art left, and original at that! I have priced all larger works competitively at 50-150.  Smaller UNFRAMED works are priced from 10-40.  Stop by and take a look!  This handpainted theorem is currently in storage but is one of my larger pieces (priced at 100).

This very large Crate and Barrel print is currently in storage . . . will take 30!

I am bringing more items to the Broadmoor as they sell and will keep you updated.

Last day is February 28, 2013!

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  1. Do you still have the large C/B print? Do you have an Ebay store?