Wednesday, October 20, 2010

There's A Mouse In The House!

My friend Katja brought me my very own Tiny's Mascot!  I'm naming him Tiny, of course.  He had fun today hanging out with the Goosey twins.

Speaking of friends, thanks to Aspasia for being my first customer! If a Greek woman is your first customer, that's good luck, right?

And speaking of friends-of-friends, Aspasia's talented friend Michel Buffet has graciously allowed me to showcase a sampling of his work at Tiny's.  Michel takes photographs and digitally "funkifies" them with gorgeous, saturated color.  The end result is printed on canvas and ready to beautify your walls.  I especially like his piece "Red Barn".

You can view more of Michel's work, or request a custom piece, at

New stuff coming in next week - stop on by!

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