Tuesday, November 16, 2010

New Art at Tiny's Lambertville!

This just in: a pair of wonderful impasto florals by Arkansas artist Jan Ironside.

The impasto technique involves laying down thick swaths of color, often with a palette knife.  The end result is a painting with depth and texture that you want to reach out and touch! These geraniums and tulips are much more gorgeous in person, and they're so cheerful, they coax me out of my November blahs whenever I look at them.  12x12 on deep canvas panels, priced at 100 each.

Also in is this lovely 12x16 tonalist acrylic by Sarah Jane Studios (larger when you take into account the gilded plein air frame).  Priced at 225. Ignore that diagonal shadow running across the center -- that's just light streaming in from Tiny's window!

My favorite things at Tiny's has to include these two still lifes by Florida artist Han Young.  Han was born in Korea and received extensive fine art training there.  After moving to Florida, he's received numerous regional awards for his meticulous, luminous renderings of fruit, florals, and wildlife. Each of these 16x20 canvases (larger with gilded wood frames) is priced at 350.  I'm awed by the amount of patient layering Han did to create such realistic looking fruit!

Finally, who doesn't love a little impressionism in their life?  This is a nicely-sized 25x30 canvas in a gilded wood plein air frame.  Not sure who the artist is, but he certainly is talented!  Priced at 350.

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