Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Vintage French School Posters

Tiny has been captivated lately by Editions Rossignol: the series of mid-century classroom teaching aids produced in Montmorrillon, France.

There's precious little web information on the Editions Rossignol, and most of it is written in French!  However, a Google search with a Bing translation yielded (roughly) the following:

During the 1950s and 1960s, Rossignol editions were used as teaching aids in an impressive number of primary schools in France.  These large color plates and their modular wood frames marked several generations of teachers and students. They are still used today by some teachers, and some of these boards are assiduously sought by collectors.


I kind of, sort of gather that Monsieur Rossignol was an innovative French educator who collaborated with teachers in designing the posters.  However, I'm operating on high school French, people -- when I say "I gather", I mean "I'm totally guessing."  If anyone out there in webby-land has further information, please post.

What's NOT in dispute, however, is that the colorful graphics in these posters are an absolute delight.

Who says didacticism can't look super-hip?

My absolute fave Edition, however, is the one currently framed and for sale at Tiny's:  "The Poppy", or, if you prefer, "Le Coquelicot".

This one's in top-notch shape with no rips, tears, staining or discoloration -- not bad, for 50+ years in a classroom.  It's a Francophile's dream come true!

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