Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Tiny's Lambertville: Vintage Salterini Style Wrought Iron Table

Tiny's latest addition is this uber-adorable mid-century wrought iron table.  I love the ribbon weave, the center medallion, and the leaf motif on the sides.  In fact, I just love it, period!

I'm not sure of the make of this piece, but the design resembles those of the great mid-century iron furniture producers: Salterini, and Woodard and Sons.  I'm so glad the old Italian craftsmanship of wrought iron made its way to America!

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  1. Hi Tiny,
    My wife and I would like to know if you would happen to have any more information about this style. We just picked up a matching set (2 chairs, setae and table) and only know that it is really neat.