Friday, November 5, 2010

Wolf Creek Folk Art Carvings

Ma and Pa have shacked up at Tiny's for the season.

They're right at home here, what with that awesome folk carved rooster and the vintage toy barn Tiny's has for sale.

Ma and Pa are creations of Wolf Creek, a folk art studio based in Eldora, Iowa.  Wolf Creek has been producing delightfully primitive hand-carved figures since 1978.  According to its website, the company remains a small family-owned concern.

Wolf Creek figures are becoming quite collectible among folk art lovers.  I like their unabashed whimsy and country colors.  Check out the detail from their Circus line:

Perhaps Wolf Creek is best known for their intricate ark collections:

Here's my all-time favorite: Lady Liberty, via Vintage Collectibles and Folk Art:

Think Ma and Pa would feel right at home in your house? Stop on by!


  1. Just curious, how much are the circus pieces are going for?

  2. where can I get my circus piece fixed?