Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Tiny's Lambertville Loves Folk Art

Tiny loves folk art, don'tcha know.  Like these incroyable silhouettes of distinguished gentlemen.  The mini one to the left is a genuine 19th Century cutting.  The one in the antique gilded frame is a clever artist's reproduction.

Tiny's loves antique and vintage carved decoys, too.  Goosey here is a vintage model made in Wisconsin.  He's got the glass eyes to boot.

This carved fish isn't a decoy, but it certainly has that folksy charm.

You know what else Tiny's loves? Firkins! Those are antique sugar buckets, to the ill-informed.  Tiny has a whole stack of them, and they look fabu.

Pile these in an antique Windsor chair, and you have a dream come true.

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